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Combined Harvest Responds to Accusations of Security Breaches

2008-10-12 - 发布者 Svarthol

Frarie – Combined Harvest today responded to the Federal Defence Union’s allegations that their lax security policies were responsible for the illness that spread through the Federal Administration Bureau station in Dastryns last month.

Caetlin Arrianza, a senior member of Combined Harvest's storage division based in the Frarie system, spoke out against the accusations. "The employment model used by Combined Harvest is no different than that used by hundreds of interstellar corporations. Our use of independent capsuleer contracts to supplement our core distribution network is nothing new, and certainly not uncommon. All materials shipped, by capsuleer or by convoy, are sealed, tagged, and tracked. Any attempt to tamper with or sell those goods results in the contract being voided and a demerit being placed on the shipper's record."

Ms Arrianza further elaborated on the company’s position toward the FDU’s comments. "Furthermore, I resent the implication that by allowing independent contractors to work with us we are somehow endangering the Gallente Federation. The background of any contract employee is checked prior to the issuance of any contract. For larger shipments, such as those processed by our Frarie location, contractors are expected to have previous successful experience with Combined Harvest. In many cases, the vetting process used for our high-volume or high-value contracts is more stringent than the entry requirements to the Federal Defence Union.

"We provide opportunity. Anyone who has demonstrated the proper skills and dedication is welcome to work for Combined Harvest, regardless of origin. That's the spirit of the Gallente Federation. That's the ideal that the [Federal Defence] Union is supposedly fighting for."