Community Beat for 17 November | EVE Online

Community Beat for 17 November


Hey everyone!

With Havoc's arrival earlier this week, CHAOS has certainly been the theme many in the community embraced, all over New Eden!

Today's community beat is a special Havoc-themed beat, highlighting some of the content that you've all been creating to facilitate your pirate aspirations and spreading corruption, or fighting for the empire's militias and suppressing the pirates.

Whilst the expansion notes covered a lot of the details of what came in Havoc, some of the EVE Partners, across multiple languages also covered them, giving a little more depth in places. The partners were given early access to the expansion to help cover some of the new content for you all on release day. You can check out some of that coverage across the different languages right below Eaglefirefly's cinematic overview below:

Havoc expansion notes from EVE Partners

Zeronin, our German Partner has you covered if you're looking for the Patch notes in German you can find them here!

Our partner Shen covered this over on Bilibili as a broadcast covering the expansion notes!

EVE Pandora V5

We also saw an extension to the number of opportunities now available to be used by corporations in the expansion, but a community initiative that existed before that, EVE Pandora. DeT Resprox launched V5 of EVE Pandora live last week! It features a new Faction Warfare Suite with live FW stats, setting objectives and campaigns across the war zones. With billions up for grabs, if you're considering hopping into the Warzone, we recommend checking it out, as you may find you can get a little extra ISK for your efforts!

Do your part on the frontline!

New services, corporations, and propaganda also started appearing this week! For those interested in mercenary work Merc Net switched over to Deathless Net, The Rabbit Warren were set up for the Guristas, and Zarzakh Angel Affiliates / The Angel Cartel also sprung up for those looking to get more engaged with the Angels. If you're looking to get more involved with some of the piracy work, Deathless Net is a great place to explore some of the different pirated-orientated corps, these are all a great place to start!

EVE Partner Rixx Javix also made a sleek wallpaper for those looking to join the Guristas!

Despite the push from the pirates, the already established empire factions also continue to run recruitment campaigns, such as the Minmatar Republic, checking in with their regular flyers and newsletters giving updates from the warzone! Even those enrolled in the Gallente Militia are putting out statistics to show that, despite their numbers, they're still holding firm against the tsunami of invading pilots.

FC can I bring my 'gator?

We finish off with two videos from another EVE Partner, Loru. When new ships are introduced, there's always a period of experimentation to find out what synergizes best with the ship's traits and available fitting room. Loru reviewed both of the new Battlecruisers, the Khizriel and Aligator to give some insight into a couple of different options on how to fit the ships!

There's so much Havoc content being produced by you all that it's nearly impossible to include it all! Look for more coverage in the next community beat.

Until then,