Community Beat for 24 May | EVE Online

Community Beat for 24 May

2024-05-24 - 发布者 EVE Online Community Team

Greetings spacefriends,

We’re back with another edition of the Community Beat. Following the last edition celebrating EVE’s 21st birthday, we’re back to our regularly scheduled broadcast celebrating all the exceptional creations, generations, variations, and sensations (maybe some abbreviations, too, at this point..) that you’ve all been working on and coming up with!

NPSI.Rocks (and occasionally.. rolls) - Shrinkwrapped 300! is a community gateway to all things NPSI. What’s NPSI? “Not Purple Shoot It” - Simply put, when you fleet up, people in your fleet are considered “purples.” If you’re looking to do a group activity in New Eden without the potential added extra strings of joining a corporation or alliance or trying something new, NPSI fleets might be an excellent way to give that a go.

A bit of history - back in 2006, the corporation Agony-unleashed was formed, and they focused on helping teach players who wanted to learn PvP how to do that! Another well-known education group, EVE University, offered sponsorships for its students to help them learn survival and independence while teaching them to understand PvP engagements. Agony had a lot of very experienced pilots, educating thousands of players and participating even in coveted events like the Alliance Tournament. Fast forward to 2018, and F.U.N. Inc was formed as a safe haven for small gang PvPers after Agony Unleashed had unfortunately demised. Carrying that torch of educational knowledge alongside their previous combat experience, they routinely open up their fleets as NPSI hosts, and this weekend is a big one! F.U.N. Inc CEO keacte is hosting his 300th “Shrinkwrapped” fleet - An adrenaline-fueled fleet filled full of fast frags and great gags!

Come and join in on Saturday, 25 May, at 18:30 UTC. You can find more details here on NPSI.Rocks or you can join in the ingame channel “EBWF public” or join their Discord.

Pixel Perfect!

This community’s ability to find artistic creativity in all sorts of places, both in-game and out-of-game, is an endless source of amusement. Be it new and exciting ways to ask your FC "if you can bring your Drake?", like Sawdeth Ternius did:

Or if you’re in Brave Collective, offering one of their signature “7o” salutes, then following up with a relative warp to drop that “7o” directly onto someone in the system as a “Well, hello there!” greeting:

Or even another beautiful Navyblue 3D model creation, this time of a Loki:

But our heart forever flutters with our endless fixation for pixel art, and this week, we were gifted with some creations from Quintest One over on the EVE Online Discord #eve-art channel, with these six creations!

These are now forever on rotation on CCP Zelus's CPU cooler screen!

Angel Cartels Coveted Corvette to Cynabal Challenge

Being in a sandbox often means that challenges people set themselves can be completely out of the box of conventional thinking and still be wildly entertaining to watch or hear stories about. We always enjoy hearing stories of self-made challenges in New Eden; if you’re on an Ironman-type journey or challenge yourself, the community team would love to hear about it! This leads me to the next section, where we must share Bill's story with you all.

So, Bill, or if we are to use his full name, Bill Dingha Cynabal, started his journey not long after the last expansion, enlisting with the Angel Cartel and setting off on the challenge of building a Cynabal in the hardest way possible. Using nothing but his wits and the civilian autocannons on his starting Reaper corvette. No tutorial. No agents. No buying or selling on the market. Just bootstraps.

It’s been a hugely entertaining series, seeing all the “Sidequests” being added. Episode 52 dropped just a few days ago, and it's still going! We’re keenly watching Bill on his journey and rooting for him. We hope that Angel Cartel recognises the dedication of their recruit!

Partner featuring - Nicolas Kion & Mutamarket

If you don’t know, CCP operates a partnership program! Given the plethora of activities in New Eden, some of you opt to take up the content production role. Producing content and growing to be a creator can be a time-intensive project. Equally, when you find an audience interested in your project, it can feel gratifying. One of the newest additions to the Partner Program is Nicolas Kion, and the project they’ve been working on is the exceptional Mutamarket.

Due to the unique nature of mutaplasmid-modified items, they require a contract to be made to sell them and connecting both buyers and sellers can prove to be a challenge. Not anymore! With Mutamarket, you can see a vast array of information visually: what the module started as, what mutaplasmid was used, where the positives and negatives from the module modifications landed, and finally, purchase details, prices, estimations and selling information. Each item can be further clicked on the web page for even more options! You can hit buttons to open the contract ingame, link it, or copy the stats to see if it works with your fit in Pyfa. It is truly a massive time saver and is presented cleanly. Take a look to see if you’re in the market for an abyssal module, buying or selling!

Thesis research - The Molea Cemetery

We got the request earlier this week to see if we could help out an academic with their thesis, and we thought it would be awesome to give it a signal boost in the Community Beat. Mihnea, a 3rd Year student at Maastricht University, is studying in a bachelor programme called Digital Society. They’ve constructed a survey investigating players’ opinions on the Molea Cemetery. It takes around 10 minutes to complete, and they would very much appreciate as much info as you can give! You can access it here. They’re also looking to interview you if you participated or volunteered in its maintenance before or after 2020 - you can check their post here with all the details.

That’s a wrap for this edition of the community beat - we hope you’ve nearly completed your reward track for Capsuleer Day celebrations this year as time is running out. We look forward to seeing you again as we grow closer to the Equinox expansion!