Community Beat for 26 May | EVE Online

Community Beat for 26 May

2023-05-26 - 发布者 EVE Online Community Teeam

Hello spacefriends and welcome to the latest edition of the Community Beat! If you maniacs could take a break from dropping Titans and dreads on each other in Old Man Star for five minutes that'd be great. (Actually that's not true - please keep shooting each other in the face.)

Pic from TheEternalZombieKing on Reddit

Pic from TheEternalZombieKing on Reddit

This won't be the last time Snuffed Out do something in this Beat, because...

Snuffed Out drop in on Preach

Renowned streamer and Youtuber Preach was trying out EVE Online recently and his playtime was going fine... until he found himself in lowsec. As with many of CCP's LIVE2FEED roams lately he was confronted by infamous lowsec alliance Snuffed Out. Although based on his reaction one might argue his experience was actually improved by their presence:

While we're on the subject of content creators, Zizaran also returned to EVE recently and fondly reminisced about all the time he spent in New Eden:

Down the Rabbit Hole EVE Online documentary

As you may recall, at Fanfest 2022 we were joined by famed Youtube documentarian Fredrik Knudsen of Down the Rabbit Hole fame. At that Fanfast we exhibited a teaser of the EVE Online documentary he's been working on for a few years at a theatre in downtown Reykjavik. That "teaser" went for about 2 hours and Fredrik has just announced that the full documentary is almost complete - likely to be released next month and with an expected runtime of nearly 6 hours!

This reply to his announcement by a Down the Rabbit Hole fan sums up our own feelings on the almost 6 hour runtime:

I now consider myself an #evesicko too.

Art Corner

Dr_Buckshot over on the EVE subreddit has been putting some ideas down on paper - literally. Check out their origami interpretations in this Reddit thread of the Merlin (?), Vedmak and Pacifier.

And speaking of Vedmaks, no art post would be complete without the latest offering from Lloyd George who is also a fan of Triglavians, and posted this watercolor Vedmak:

Remember you can buy licensed EVE Online ship watercolors from this artist at their official website.

EVE Singapore

The first EVE player gathering in Singapore is happening in June! You can pick up a ticket on Eventbrite. There'll be an opportunity to mingle with other EVE players, hear from local EVE experts and from CCP as well!