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CSM X Candidacy Period Opens Now!

2015-01-30 - 发布者 CCP Leeloo

Greetings pilots!

CCP Leeloo here with more information regarding the upcoming CSM X elections.

For those of you new capsuleers who might not know what the CSM (Council of Stellar Management) is, head over to this page.

First of all, on behalf of CCP I would like to express our gratitude to all members of CSM9 for their incredible performance over the course of the last year!

By the way, we just finished the winter summit, if you missed it, feel free to catch up with the minutes:

Now to the fun part!

As of 11:30 GMT on 30th of January, 2015 you can start submitting your CSM X candidacy applications. To submit your application, follow this link.


The CSM X Candidacy period closes at 11:30 UTC on 15th of February, 2015. 

Voting starts at 11:30 GMT on 25th of February.

What should you know before you apply

Please read the following before you decide to apply.

The Council of Stellar Management is a democratically elected institution of fourteen EVE players that is chosen annually. Members of the CSM are in close and constant contact with EVE Development. Twice a year we host CSM summits. Summit can last up to 5 days and up to 10 members of the CSM will fly to CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland to participate in person. The rest of the CSM will join the summit remotely.

Before considering running for election as part of the CSM, players need to be aware that becoming a CSM delegate requires a lot of effort and that Council duties take a lot of time, strength and patience. If you are elected to the council you will be representing thousands of people who gave their vote for you. This is a colossal responsibility that you should be prepared for.

We value the council as part of the development process. As such they maintain knowledge and information relating to every aspect of the development of EVE Online with their opinions and suggestions touching every aspect of gameplay. In addition to this, the CSM’s voice is heard in areas of the company outside the development team, including with the marketing and sales departments, our cinematic team, and our public relations team.

The CSM have an impact not only on how we develop EVE, but how we communicate with our player base and prospective new customers. Every member has a chance to influence the future of EVE by actively contributing to the process.

Members of the council have access to the internal communication tools CCP uses and information about upcoming, unannounced  changes to EVE Online. You should be willing to use this trust responsibly. We expect council delegates to be ready and able to join online meetings with CCP and to be a part of internal discussions. 

Any behavior or actions considered being a material breach of the EULA, TOS or NDA by a CSM delegate is grounds for immediate dismissal and permanent exclusion from all pending and future participation in the council. There are no exceptions or “first strikes” regardless of the infraction. Delegates are not only expected to uphold the social contract that all society members are held accountable to, but should also set a behavior standard for everyone else to follow.

Requirements and application process

  • To become an eligible candidate, a player must be 18 years of age or older, unless the legal age of majority in your home country is higher than 18, in which case the minimum age is the age of majority.
  • To become an eligible candidate player must have an account in EVE Online that has been active for at least two months (60 days).
  • CCP employees, ISD volunteers, CCP interns, CCP affiliates, CCP strategic partners or employees of other gaming companies/games and family members of CCP are all ineligible to run for the CSM.
  • To become an eligible candidate a player must consent to provide their personal information to CCP. A CSM candidate can publish their personal information to the player base at their own discretion. On the application page field “Country” is visible publicly. But the following information is only visible to CCP staff and will not be revealed by CCP. 

  • To become an eligible CSM candidate player must not have any records of serious breach of the EULA and/or TOS. The player’s account will be submitted for a security background check. If any violations are revealed, the candidate will be removed from the election process. Please ensure that your personal information is correct in the account management system
  • To become an eligible CSM candidate, player must provide a copy of a valid, internationally recognized identity document to CCP. This is required to confirm identity of the candidate and to prove the ability to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • If due to candidate’s real-life circumstances or medical conditions they are not able to physically attend any of the CSM summits or other CCP or player hosted conventions – we don’t require them to. Participation in all CSM activities is entirely voluntary.
  • After the application is submitted it cannot be edited. Take your time when submitting your application.
  • You can share your application with other people by sharing the link to your full application, that should look like this:


  • You can publish and let players discuss your CSM campaign on the forums in the “CSM Campaigns” section.
  • After you submit your application you must send a photocopy of your passport or other valid, internationally recognized identity document to csm-contact@ccpgames.com to finish your application process. Any applicants who fail to provide a photocopy of their passport or other valid, internationally recognized identity document will be removed from the election process.

If you have any additiona questions regarding the CSM X application process, please send us an email to csm-contact@ccpgames.com or via support ticket to the community category.

I'm looking forward to reading your candidacy applications!