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E-ON Awards ceremony cancelled

2007-06-08 - 发布者 Zapatero

It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the E-ON Awards ceremony that was due to take place on July 8th at The Bridge SE1, London. The Awards themselves have not been cancelled, just the ceremony.

Much as it would be easy to cite a lack of interest, here is the truth behind this difficult decision. The preferred Saturday date July 7th (chosen to coincide with the publication of E-ON issue #008) proved impossible to book as 07/07/07 seems to have taken on some kind of magical numerical significance and venue owners have reacted accordingly. Our back-up date of the 8th, normally a rather safe Sunday in the UK capital, fell on the climax of the Tour De France visiting London for the first time, with an extra million and a half visitors to the capital. Hotels have been almost impossible to book. On top of which, our catering company has just cancelled on us, citing the Tour de France as a critical factor. And we have also been hugely wrapped up putting the finishing touches to the new weekly EVE TV show, on which the awards will of course feature.

We at E-ON and MMM offer our sincere apologies to those who bought tickets and to those who might have been making plans to attend. Full refunds will of course be made. It’s not all bad news though, as voting in the awards will continue (until this coming Monday, 11th June 0900 GMT), and trophies will be sent out to all winners who will be announced in the next issue of E-ON magazine. (And rather special these trophies are too – laser engraved chunks of highly processed Morphite!) So to conclude - we are working our butts off to bring you issue #008 of E-ON and the first weekly EVE TV show with a launch date of June 23rd. We humbly accept that we have taken on too much and that unforeseen circumstances have conspired against us. Please accept our apologies and our refunds. If anyone wishes to contact us directly, please do so at eon@mmmpublishing.com

From the guys at MMM Publishing.