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EON #5 and all about it, and stuff

2006-07-21 - 发布者 Zapatero

Those of you eager to take out a new subscription to EON will be pleased to know that the sales page has been updated. You can subscribe from (or buy single issues of) mags #2, #3, #4 or #5 – bearing in mind that #5 won’t be ready for shipping until 6th October. We’re running dry of number twos (which I’m sure conjures up a healthy image), so if you want to read DigitalCommunist’s round-up on battleships, stare lovingly at the norks on page 56, or read Nyphur’s excellent guide to Tanking, now’s pretty much your last chance to get hold of a copy.

Rather earlier than usual, we have already marked-in much of what will fill the pages of EON #5. Fiction was a bit light last time, and whilst it meant we could fill-up with other things, we're hoping to ramp up the stories this time around. In fact, I'm hoping to put Istvaan's newest epic on the cover (or rather, put a cool artwork of some Caldari marine having his brains pulled out through his nostril). Trouble is, I haven’t told CCP of my plans. They may have other ideas…. “But we haven’t done a pink issue yet!”

My point is that things change: Reiisha, exhausted after penning two excellent history articles across the last two magazines, is taking a break and will be back with Part III in EON#6, so we've got some space to play with. Or rather, we had space to play with, since there's always plenty to be talking about in the big wide world of EVE. We'll be taking a belated look at Darwin's Contraption, reporting from behind the scenes of EVE TV (great job guys) and, of course, we'll be bringing you player guides - not least one devoted to the imminent CCG.

Which leads me less than elegantly onto your contributions in the form of adverts and other bits. Ads are being welcomed for #5, as ever, and the rules are the same, pretty much…. Save for the fact that we have to hike up the price. Advertising revenue from #3 and #4 left us unable to cover wage expenses, leading us to take out a 'loan', so rather than be in the position where we have to go, cap in hand, begging money to keep the inkwells filled, it made financial sense simply to rise the advertising rates. So, rather than 200m ISK per page, that rate is now 350m ISK. A big rise, but still peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

As to the other bits, well, we're not getting many submissions for 'Postcards From The Edge.' Given the quality of some of the images uploaded to EVE Files, it personally breaks my heart that no-one thinks to send us their high-res UI-free screenshots with a short bit of text saying where the shot was taken and what's going on in it. Oh, I usually get over it, but the rejection can often be too much to bear.

I think that's it. Apologies for the creeping in of flippancy, but it's been fairly hot here on the sunny south coast of Engalnd and my brain is melting.

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