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Ev0ke Embarks on First Territorial Claim in Providence

2010-11-13 - 发布者 Svarthol

In the early hours of this morning, Ev0ke launched a final assault on the JEIV-E system with supercapitals and over a hundred battleships. The defence fleet formed by the Providence Block could not stop them from seizing the station and forcing a sovereignty drop by Sodalitas XX.

Ev0ke has publicly claimed that they have voluntarily left Cloud Ring and are attacking Sodalitas XX space in Providence.

It took several tries before the reinforcement timers could be synchronized, optimizing Ev0ke's chances of a successful operation. "Since both IHUB and station in JEIV had their final timer within an hour, we did concentrate on those" said Pagefault, Ev0ke's diplomat.

To begin the assault, Ev0ke assembled an approximately 160 man battleship fleet and started to harrass the Providence Block's defence fleet of about 180 battlecruisers. Most of the encounters occurred near Ev0ke's deployed Sovereignty Blockade Units.

While the smaller ships were engaged, Ev0ke's 8 fielded supercapitals destroyed the system's IHUB, followed by the seizure of the station which came out of reinforcement shortly after. The operation was a success, leaving JEIV-E sovereignty open for Ev0ke.

Ev0ke's offensive is not over as they have stated plans to take over more systems.

Requests for a statement from Sodalitas XX remain unanswered at this time.

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