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EVE API - Quantum Rise

2008-11-13 - 发布者 CCP Elerhino

Following the Quantum Rise release we've deployed the latest version of the EVE API. The most notable additions are Certificates and Medals.

We added a list of granted certificates to the character sheet as well as a new page, /eve/CertificateTree.xml.aspx, which is similar to /eve/SkillTree.xml.aspx but displays all available certificates grouped by categories and classes.

We created 3 new pages which show Medal info for characters and corporations:

Alliance standings have been added to /corp/Standings.xml.aspx. We also closed /corp/Standings.xml.aspx for NPC corps because it was in some cases returning large amount of data and timing out.

We've been looking at performance issues in the container logs and included in this patch are some changes which should speed things up. The patch also includes other performance related changes in the caching mechanism which will mostly improve things on the server side.