EVE³: Fanfest PvP Tournament 2009 | EVE Online

EVE³: Fanfest PvP Tournament 2009

2009-07-30 - 发布者 CCP Claw

Ladies and Mentlegen,

It is with much yarr in my heart that I bring tidings of yet another excellent EVE Online tournament. Another chance to blow your friends and enemies to smithereens. Another chance to test your leet spaceship skillz. Another chance to fight for glory under the exacting gaze of your esteemed peers.

The tournament will take place in the fabulous and famous EVE Fanfest PvP room, this year new and improved (I didn’t think it was possible either, but CCP Tyr is pretty epic) with even more awesome sound and lighting. Battle your foes in an awesome atmosphere while the CCP dev team looks on, or take a seat in the battle gallery and watch the fights on the screens!

EVE³: The EVE Online Fanfest 2009 tournament will consist of a series of fights between two teams, with each team piloting three Strategic Cruisers to victory or death in some explosive EVE PvP action. Yep, that's 3v3 Tech 3.

Strategic Cruisers are the most flexible-role EVE Online ships to date, and as such this tournament really requires players to think seriously when making their setup decisions. Should you fit for all out annihilation and take the fight to the enemy? Will you field enhanced electronic warfare ability? Will speed be your ally? Or will you choose to roll up to the arena like a mobile brick of armour? All of these decisions must be carefully weighed to ensure success!

The top four teams in the tournament will fight for ultimate victory on the main auditorium stage in front of the entire population of Fanfest as well as those sitting at home across the internet. The glorious victory of the winners will be immortalised in our memories. And there are prizes too.....including awesome goodies from the EVE Online store and more!

There will be 64 team slots available for the Fanfest tournament; signups will be taken at the Fanfest. However, if you wish to pre-register and guarantee your team a slot, head on over to the signup page and sign your team up now! Whilst only three players may compete in a match, your team is free to switch members between games. Full rules for the tournament will be announced closer to the event.

That’s it from me y’all! I look forward to seeing you all at Fanfest, and in particular seeing you at the tournament – and of course, the Party at the Top of the World, during which we will celebrate PvP victories, commiserate PvP losers, and undoubtedly debate the nature of existence beer.