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EVE Online: Crucible 1.1 deployment information

2012-01-23 - 发布者 Svarthol

EVE Online: Crucible 1.1 is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, January 24. Downtime will begin at 11:00 UTC and is expected to be completed by 12:00 UTC.

Crucible 1.1 brings a number of improvements into EVE Online, including the new Neocom panel, rebalanced assault ships, ability for alliances to join Factional Warfare and numerous UI enhancements. For more information on these changes, please refer to CCP Soundwave's recent dev blog or visit the Crucible feature page. Patch notes are available in English, German and Russian.

Please note that in December we have temporarily doubled the size of POS fuel bays to reduce the impact of the delay to fuel block switch-over. In Crucible 1.1, these changes will be reverted and the fuel block consumption enabled. Towers left with their fuel bays in an "overloaded" state as a result of this change should continue to function as normal.

A discussion thread is available here.