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EVE TV and the 4th PVP Tournament

2007-07-13 - 发布者 EVETV Xyliana

After reading dozens of applications and conducting almost as many interviews with potential experts and commentators, we've finally decided on the eight who will be flying out to Iceland to help us cover the Fourth PVP Alliance Tournament next month. Many thanks to all who applied. In some cases it was a close call on who to select, with the EVE TV crew almost coming to blows over the best applicants. Over the course of the broadcast I hope viewers will come to realise that we made the right choices...

Bringing with them a wealth of previous EVE TV experience are Ifni, Farjung, Jamesw and Trevedian, whilst the fresh-faced beauty will be provided by XxangelxX, Nubiam and KIAEddZ. Oh, and Stavros is coming too.

spiralJunkie will be hosting all the shows, of course, with StevieSG hunting down Devs around the CCP canteen, getting match feedback from them as they try to sneak to the coffee machine/toilet/whatever.

The Weekly Show will be filmed in Iceland, and will feature a special highlights section with loads of stats - if we can get them.

Dates of the tournament are: August 30th to September 1st, then the following weekend of September 7th to 9th. We don't have transmission times yet, but those days will be packed with footage and match discussion. As has been promised the alliance tournament will be free to view. We're looking into a variety of streaming options, wmv included. Be assured that we'll put a lot of work into making sure that viewing the broadcast will be as hassle-free as possible for everyone.

Teams looking to take part should check out this thread by GM Nova, which details some of the Tournament rules. There will be more on the Tourny and EVE TV's coverage in the coming weeks.

Lastly, we are hosting a London Player Gathering prior to the PVP Tournament on August 18th in Fulham, London. As ever our cameras will be there to interview players.

In-game channel: EVETV