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Fanfest 2015 - Day 2 in review

2015-03-20 - 发布者 CCP Phantom

Fanfest, the annual, incredible EVE celebration in the land of fire and ice, has seen an astonishing second day on March 20 with a solar eclipse, in-depth discussions, detailed presentations, and of course a huge amount of feedback and excitement!

A summary is ready with some news and announcements of the second Fanfest day. 

Future of Spaceship rendering
The beauty of EVE is ever evolving and improving. The recently introduced set of rendering improvements (called “V5” shaders”) gave us impressive new graphics. Already planned is the next level of spaceship rendering (called “V5++” shaders) that will bring additional details, new materials, and eye candy such as improved dirt/rust layers in a more efficient way.

Background information on Fedos
The EVE Online player character "Max Singularity" gives us an amazing insight to the world of the Fedo, strange alien creatures that are often found cleaning Minmatar spaceships. Special thanks to Radio Iceland and Max Singularity for this video recording

Ship and Module balancing
After a review of the previous year in module and ship rebalancing and a snapshot of changes shortly coming with Scylla, the look goes into the future. The tactical destroyers for the Caldari “Jackdaw” and Gallente “Hecate” are scheduled for June and July. We also will see “Ghost fitting” that allows you to virtually test-equip your ship.

New sovereignty system
The recently proposed new sovereignty system focuses on battlefield activity as an indicator for sovereignty instead of the ability to grind through massive amounts of structure hitpoints. Another important aspect is the new time zone mechanic. We also will see a full rework of ores available in nullsec, rebalance of system indexes and a very early feedback phase. Please check out the sovereignty dev blog and complete the time zone mechanic survey

Worlds Collide Tournament
During intense and exciting matches between the best teams from Tranquility and the Chinese server Serenity, Camel Empire and City of Angels, we saw Camel Empire taking the victory in this best-of-five series. With the victory in this Worlds Collide Tournament, every current subscriber on Tranquility will receive a Victorieux Luxury Yacht. Thanks to both teams for that exciting tournament!

A summary of Fanfest Day 1 is available here.

You can follow the excitement of Fanfest live on EVE TV in HD quality all for free. Simply tune in into the EVE TV stream between 10:45 and 18:00 UTC on Match 21st and enjoy the final day of Fanfest 2015 according to the stream schedule.