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Federation Census Bureau Reports Drop in Minmatar Immigrants

2008-09-25 - 发布者 Svarthol

A recent report by the Federation Census Bureau reveals that the number of Minmatar immigrating to the Federation has been dropping noticeably in the past three months, with some analysts going so far as to suggest that a net flow of zero may be reached at some point in the future.

Previously, the Federation was accepting a large and steady flow of Minmatar immigrants every month, but recent estimates have the numbers dropping by as much as 15% each month, with current trends this month anticipating a further drop.

Most analysts agree that the rapid shift in immigration numbers is a response to the Elder Fleet's strike on the Amarr Empire earlier this year, while a few also credit uncertainty about the Federation Navy and the Federal economy in the current cluster-wide turmoil as an additional impetus. The appointment of Maleatu Shakor as the titular head of the Republic and his recent pronouncements are hoped to stem the tide even further as the long-ailing Republic attempts to find its feet.