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Friendship Week

2021-03-20 - 发布者 CCP Dopamine

Space Friends,

Since nothing makes us happier than flying across the galaxy alongside friends, we're celebrating International Happiness Day by recognizing Friendship Week, a full week dedicated to honoring all of the awesome friendships made in EVE Online!

From 20-26 March, you can join us to partake in a series of streams, special offers, and more, all themed around celebrating friendship and community spirit in New Eden. After all, the best ship is the Friendship!


Each day of Friendship Week will feature streamers from all around the world flying with friends on CCPTV. Rahne will be kicking things off today with a fundraising stream starting at 18:00 UTC, so tune in to help raise money for AbleGamers over at Twitch.


As part of Friendship Week, there will be a friendly screenshot competition starting 21 March! We want to see you in-game with your favorite fleet, whether that's you and your best buddy or your entire Alliance fleeting up together.

Follow EVE Online Facebook and Twitter channels for more info on how to enter and the sweet prizes up for grabs!


From 22 March through to downtime on 30 March, you can get 15% off 12 months of full Omega status! This is the perfect opportunity to fleet up with your friends with unlimited access to EVE's best ships and double training speed.

Head on over to the EVE Online Secure Website if you'd like to take advantage of this offer and grab some discounted Omega time!


As an ode to CCP’s own Permaband, we’ll be bringing back the Permaband Roadies SKINS for the Maller, Moa, Rupture, and Thorax. You can pick up a pair of dashing SKINs for your favorite cruiser in a two-for-the-price-of-one deal at 55 PLEX. Act fast, though, as this offer is only available for you and your friends from downtime on 24 March to downtime on 26 March in the New Eden Store!


Capping off the week after CCP Alpha's Russian Rush Hour, we will be heading out on a finale dev caravan featuring CCP devs, GMs, and ISDs flying together and spreading cheer! Tune in on CCPTV at 18:00 on Friday 26 March or come find us for a chance at swag as we romp around Nullsec.

Fly safe, friends!