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G.A.N.J.A. Protest Held in Rens

2009-10-22 - 发布者 Svarthol

Rens, Heimatar - Following on from a recent article by The Interstellar Correspondents, G.A.N.J.A. corporation held a non-violent protest in Rens where they and 3 other corporations (the identity of which has not been revealed by the G.A.N.J.A. spokesperson) self-destructed some 79 ships.

The protesters gathered at the Brutor tribe Treasury located at planet VI, moon 8 in Rens; the station is a popular local trade hub. G.A.N.J.A's demonstration took the same form as their previous protest in Orvolle - they docked in the station, undocked and self-destructed their ships, then redocked in their capsules before repeating the process.

G.A.N.J.A. have warned that this will be their last non-violent protest; the Minmatar Republic have made no official response to the protestors' call for compensation for Ammatar farmers who suffered damage to their plantations at the hands of a Minmatar-Thukker slave recovery force.

Kimberly Hughes, the spokesperson for G.A.N.J.A, expressed outrage at the continued silence of the Minmatar Parliament and revealed plans to escalate their protests. "We shall strike at various convoys in the Minmatar State [sic]. We shall hit the Minmatar where they hit the Ammatar, through their trade; we shall try to collapse the economy!"

Despite the peaceful nature of the Rens protest, G.A.N.J.A. had difficulties with one capsuleer, who caused some disturbance by salvaging wrecks of their destroyed ships. Though G.A.N.J.A. had battleships standing by, the protest remained non-violent despite the actions of this pilot - a well-known local anti-hero by the name of Menod Penter. Penter, known as "The Mayor of Rens" has operated in Rens for many years with his small crime syndicate, but he also runs a very successful operation selling anchorable secure containers.

Kimberly revealed how G.A.N.J.A. have responded to their encounter with the racketeer. "We have received intelligence about an individual who calls himself the 'Mayor of Rens' and we in G.A.N.J.A feel it would be nice to have his corpse hanging on meat hooks in our hangers."

Members within G.A.N.J.A. have recieved orders to kill Mr Penter on sight, as they see him as a high-profile target that would help them gain publicity and support for their cause. Whether such attempts will result in "suicide by CONCORD" or a declaration of war will be issued remains to be seen.

With attacks threatened across the Minmatar Republic from G.A.N.J.A, Kimberly claimed the silence from the Minmatar government only encourages them. "For every moment that passes, we simply get angrier and angrier and plan even yet more cataclysmic consequences."

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