Gathering Storm now live | EVE Online

Gathering Storm now live

2020-06-09 - 发布者 CCP Dopamine

The Gathering Storm daily rewards are now live! Log in daily to EVE Online until 11:00 UTC on 15 June and claim free rewards, including thousands of Skill Points and Booster Gift Boxes. Capsuleers in Omega Clone State will get those rewards, as well as the skills necessary for piloting the upcoming new EDENCOM ships and their Arcing Vorton Projector weapons!

You will need to log in on at least 5 days throughout the Gathering Storm event in order to get all the rewards.

Make sure to log in daily and stock up on Skill Points, as well as getting a head start on training the necessary skills to pilot the awesome new EDENCOM Frigate, Cruiser and Battleship, and to wield their fearsome new weapons!