Guristas Rampage in Mara Causes Billions in Damage | EVE Online

Guristas Rampage in Mara Causes Billions in Damage

2009-12-20 - 发布者 Svarthol

Mara - A multi-billion ISK shipment of electronic components was destroyed by a large Guristas force in Mara, after jumping from the Okunda constellation.

Striking shortly after 1100 EST today, a significant Guristas force held up and destroyed two Wiyrkomi freighters, along with their escorts from the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps. The engagement lasted almost thirty minutes, and a number of independent pilots attempted to assist the freighters, who broadcast distress signals on all available frequencies. The Gurista pirates made off with an estimated twelve billion ISK worth of cargo that survived the explosion, according to CONCORD records of the engagement.

Although there was a large Corporate Police Force presence in Passari, they failed to respond to the Guristas attack and aid the stricken vessels, citing "communications breakdown" as the reason for their inaction.

The Wiyrkomi freighters were beginning a long trip to Khanid Prime, carrying navigational equipment as part of their mid-life upgrade contract with Khanid Transport.