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Hospitals and Religious Buildings to be Constructed in Ammatar 'Body and Soul' Program

2009-09-09 - 发布者 Svarthol

Tanoo, Derelik – With primary reconstruction of the Ammatar Mandate's infrastructure nearing completion, the Ardishapur Family has announced a 'Body and Soul' program of hospital and religious building construction. As is common within the Amarr Empire, the hospitals will be run by the various religious orders that dedicate themselves to medicine and related religious duties, and many of the planned religious buildings will be attached to these hospitals as a matter of course.

Adreyi Ezion, the Chief Financial Officer of the Ardishapur Family, elaborated on the program in a press statement made during one of his regular visits to the Ammatar Consulate in Tanoo. "The Body and Soul Program is one of the next vital stages in the development of the Ammatar Mandate as a core domain of the Empire. My Lord Ardishapur sees it as an essential part of tending to the spiritual needs of the Ammatar people alongside their necessary physical needs. This program, in which we plan to construct fifty new hospitals and over one hundred religious buildings, is the concrete realization of his pledge to raise this domain to the standard of living seen throughout the Empire."

While the prime focus of this program is on the "physical and spiritual well-being" of the Ammatar, Ezion explained that many of the religious buildings would house free schools and religious colleges for the "education and enlightenment" of the Ammatar. Ezion also revealed that, at the personal order of Yonis Ardishapur, a major seminary planned for construction on the devastated planet of Halturzhan is to be named in honor of the "martyr Abel Jarek." Analysts suggest that, by naming a major religious teaching institution on Halturzhan after the Salvation Crusade leader recently killed on Matar, Yonis Ardishapur appears to be sending a pointed message to the Minmatar Republic that Jarek and other Minmatar converts will not be forgotten.