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Hulkageddon II Ends With Over 1,200 Exhumers Destroyed

2010-01-24 - 发布者 Svarthol

Abudban, Heimatar - The Hulkageddon II event, in which pilots competed to destroy the most Exhumer-grade mining vessels over the course of a single week, came to a close on the 14.01.112 with a claimed 1,220 Exhumers destroyed. The top prize of 3 billion ISK was awarded to The United, with Final Agony and The Bastards claiming the 1 billion ISK award for second place and the 500 million ISK for third, respectively.

Hulkageddon II's organizer, Helicity Boson, has hailed the event as "a resounding success beyond my highest expectations!" Over 800 pilots are recorded as having participated, racking up almost 1800 registered kills, some 275 billion ISK-value in damage done and the loss of some estimated 100 - 250 thousand crewmen's lives.

Reactions to the event have been wildly varied amongst the capsuleer community.

AeCha Anais of Cold Fusion Alliance protested SCC authorization of insurance payouts to those attackers who lost their vessels to CONCORD in the course of illegal assaults such as those committed during Hulkageddon II.

"It is not surprising to me that capsuleers are willing to sacrifice [their crewmembers'] lives as regrettably many of my kind have become immune to the plight of their crews and the crews of the ships they attack. What is surprising to me is that SCC (secure commerce commission) is subsidizing this atrocity at almost 100% to all the attacking ships."

Imagonnawhupya is a pilot who joined the corporation Hulkageddon Orphanage especially the event - the corporation was sponsored by Helicity Boson to give lone pilots wanting to take part an easier way of finding fleets to work with. He explained his feelings about the event very simply.

"This has been a great event. I know I had fun if my victims did not."

Even among industrialists, however, there were those who enjoyed the event. Nysse Alpha of Forward Thinking Industries gave her views.

"As a miner... I thoroughly enjoyed Hulkageddon II. My Hulk was safely parked in spacedock for the duration, but I found the whole event to be quite entertaining, and checked the killboards every day to see the Exhumer loses of all the window-lickers who thought they were safe, or thought they could out-tank the gank squads.

"Look forward to the next one."

Though Hulkageddon II is now officially over and the prizes awarded, suicide attacks against miners continue to occur and many industrialists still vociferously protest that no action was taken to stop the event. The Interstellar Correspondents will look more at the feelings raised by Hulkageddon in a forthcoming article.

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