Impact the War - 1 PLEX Omega | EVE Online

Impact the War - 1 PLEX Omega

2023-03-24 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Capsuleers, it’s time to make an impact!

For just 1 PLEX, you can upgrade to Omega for 3 days in EVE’s in-game New Eden Store. This offer ends at 11:00 UTC on 27th March. This will give you access to better ships, better modules to equip it with, and better skills to unlock more activities.

You can use your Omega status to upgrade your ship and make a bigger impact in Factional Warfare, serving your chosen empire more effectively! Remember, thanks to the new Direct Enlistment feature you can now join Factional Warfare without leaving your current player corporation or alliance.

You can also do more in the Shadow War event with Omega, such as flying assault frigates more effectively in Waylaid Courier sites when salvaging for secret research fragments, and manufacturing completed datacores from those fragments that can then be delivered back to your empire for rewards and progression points. Make sure you queue up and train the necessary skills for these activities if you have not yet done so!