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Imperial Renegades - A Heathen Legion

2011-01-14 - 发布者 Svarthol

Amarr, Domain - Heathen Legion corporation, the membership of which is composed entirely of "renegade" Amarr, joined the anti-slavery alliance Ushra'Khan on 24.10.112. This article gives an overview of this somewhat unusual organization.

Kazzzi, CEO of Heathen Legion, described his corporation. “Heathen Legion joined Ushra'Khan and is composed entirely of Amarrian renegades and former Imperial loyalists who have turned "traitor," kind of like reverse Ammatars.”

The aim of Heathen Legion in the words of Kazzzi, is to, “fight Amarrian Imperialism, and hope to one see reform in the Amarr Empire.”

Kazzzi also wished to remind New Eden of the Amarrian Cost, often forgotten given the sheer numbers of Minmatar in slavery. “In connection with the Ushra'Khan's goals of freedom, people often overlook the many slaves of Amarrian blood in the Empire.”

The corporation was nominated for "The 112 Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Awards, Sponsored by PIE Inc." Ugleb of Ushra'Khan placed a vote for Heathen Legion, for “the bold and noble pursuit of widespread reform within the Empire, in both domestic and foreign policy." Though the nomination was never likely to lead anywhere, Kazzzi commented “Though I do believe New Eden would be a dreary place without satire, I do feel pity and sorrow for the innocent who suffer under the iron fist of the Empire.”

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