Inactive Trial Account Renaming – Reminder! | EVE Online

Inactive Trial Account Renaming – Reminder!

2014-12-12 - 发布者 CCP Falcon

As announced in CCP Seagull’s “Coming to EVE in the Rhea Release” Dev Blog, we would like to remind you all that beginning December 15 2014, a large proportion of inactive trial accounts will have their characters renamed and we will make those character names that are freed up available to other players.

Inactive trial account characters that this effects will be given a generic character name chosen by CCP (for example, “GallentePlayer12” or “Character101”).

If you have a trial account that has never had a paid subscription to EVE Online and was created before November 12 2013 and wish to retain the character names on it, you will need to activate your trial account by logging in to the account and purchasing an EVE Online subscription before 23:59 UTC on Sunday, December 14 2014 to ensure that characters on it are not renamed.