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Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate weathers Mercenary Coalition storm

2006-10-25 - 发布者 Svarthol

CATCH – Over the past weeks the G-7WUF system, and its surrounding systems, has been the scene of large scale fighting between the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate [IAC] and the Mercenary Coalition [MC].

The attack on Conglomerate owned space stations in G-7WUF by over 20 Coalition Dreadnaught class vessels started a conflict that not only tested the resolve of the IAC, but also triggered several other alliances to come to IAC's aid. Despite admitting to heavy losses, the Conglomerate’s morale appeared high and through dogged determination and help from allies they have managed to retain sovereignty of all their claimed systems.

The only warning that Mercenary Coalition had a contract to oust Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate from its home system of G-7WUF was the nearly two dozen cynosural fields heralding the appearance of MC Dreadnaughts with the singular purpose of forcing all IAC stations into reinforced mode. Over the next week the IAC battled the Mercenaries, and their allies in Firmus Ixion [FIX], to hold their claim to G-7WUF. The tide of the battle changed though when Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], Axiom Empire [AXE], and other friendly alliances came to the aid of the beleaguered IAC. When asked if MC was surprised by this development, CEO Seleene of Body Count Inc., the executor corporation of Mercenary Coalition commented, “A bit, but they were dealt with …CVA had their fleet destroyed and sent home.”

When it appeared that the IAC defenders were holding the line, the original unnamed contractor apparently hired KIA Corp to help in reinforcing MC. This led to a final push by the attackers to take control of G-7WUF. During this pivotal battle Tyrrax Thorrk, Spokesperson for IAC, stated “IAC is here to stay and there's nothing the MC can do about it, with or without their lackeys in KIA or their employers in FIX.” Although there were logistical problems with such a huge number of fleet engagements, in the end IAC survived the onslaught and MC withdrew from IAC space. KIA Corp soon followed with IAC remaining in control of their stations and sovereignty over G-7WUF.

A statement issued on GalNet by Seleene, revealed that the contract was voided because no payment had been made to continue the war and they were unable to contact the original client.

The GalNet is buzzing with conspiracy theories that the attack on IAC was a diversion to keep them from helping ASCN in the war with BOB, and some say that there never was an anonymous client and MC was helping BOB in their efforts. When asked if there was any correlation between the two wars Seleene responded, “Thus far, no one has paid us to take part in it. Until they do, what BOB and ASCN do to each other is not our concern.”