Is your account information safe enough? | EVE Online

Is your account information safe enough?

2007-12-10 - 发布者 Svarthol

Recently, a number of unscrupulous players have been using a variety of means to try to gain access to EVE accounts. Some of these include the mailing of false newsletters to members of the community requesting the player visit phishing links or soliciting a response that includes account credentials. Please remember, CCP will never ask for your username/password and we highly recommend exercising caution when visiting sites of unknown origin.

Another method is for a player to gain access to an account, then join the player’s corporation chat channel and tell others to download a screensaver or other program. Needless to say, the program turns out to be a keylogger or Trojan and anyone who downloads and installs is open to attack. Be cautious about programs you download and install, as there really are people who are out to get you or your ISK. If you have received screensavers or other suspect files recently, we recommend you perform a complete system scan for possible security issues.


The EVE Online GM team