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Leaked Lai Dai Acquisition Strategy Causes Furor in Research Community

2008-10-24 - 发布者 Svarthol

Airkio – The Caldari research community was left reeling today by allegations that Lai Dai Corporation, a leading supporter of Caldari R&D, had deliberately undermined certain research efforts. A leaked Lai Dai document, allegedly seen and approved by CEO Alakoni Ishanoya, describes the use of "negative publicity" campaigns to question the validity of smaller research firms’ experiments, thereby depressing their stock value as a prelude to acquisition. This highly aggressive approach is in direct opposition to the public image of Lai Dai as an advocate of co-operation and results-sharing for the betterment of the Caldari State.

No comment has been forthcoming from the upper echelons of Lai Dai, but its mid-level officials have alleged that the leak was a smear orchestrated by Nugoeihuvi and Sukuuvestaa in order to deflect attention from the shipping scandal currently enveloping the two megacorporations.

Researchers at the School of Applied Knowledge (SAK) are aghast at the revelations. One senior professor at SAK said, "Whatever the Lai Dai bosses say, these allegations have the ring of authenticity to them. Just look at Lai Dai's recent history of acquiring small startups and other research corporations. I can think of several examples where such outfits were snapped up following doubts in the press about the viability of their projects. I'm shocked but in hindsight it all makes sense."

A pointed silence from significant research corporations allied to Lai Dai, such as Propel Dynamics and Zero-G, has given rise to the widespread belief that the research giant has been unethical and destructive in the very sectors of industrial science where it portrays itself as a force for constructive development.