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Letter from the CSM: Greetings!

2012-04-27 - 发布者 CCP Diagoras

Here is the first letter from the CSM letting you know what they're up to, what they would like some feedback on and what they've got planned.

Letter from the CSM:

CSM 7 took office on April 4th, and we are already off to a very good start. We have a much broader base of experience on the CSM this time than ever before, with nearly every play style represented. From 0.0 to wormholes to faction warfare to high-sec (miners as well as suicide gankers), we have people on the CSM with direct experience in every part of the game. Despite this, we believe that direct input from the community is more important than ever before, and one of our first projects will be to improve communications between the community and CSM. We want to make sure you know what we're working on, and make sure we know what you want us to work on.

CSM 7 Officers
Our first action as CSM representatives was to elect officers, as laid out in the CSM white paper. As reported here Seleene has been elected Chairman of CSM 7, Trebor Daehdoow is the Vice-Chairman, Two Step is the Secretary and Hans Jagerblitzen is the Vice-Secretary.

Upcoming Summit
The top 7 voted members of CSM 7 will be travelling to Iceland for the first CSM 7 summit between May 30th and June 1st. The summit will be a major opportunity to provide community input as CCP develops their plans for the Winter Expansion. We will be publishing the list of summit topics as soon as they are finalized and we will create comment threads for each summit topic to get community feedback. These threads are very helpful in making sure we are prepared for the summit, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would participate in them.

One of the topics for this summit will be potential changes to the CSM white paper, including but not limited to changing or eliminating officer positions and improving the election system. This should be a process that includes everyone, and we will be looking for lots of feedback from the entire EVE community.

One thing that CSM 7 will be doing differently than past CSMs is directly communicating with the players as much as possible. That communication will be taking place in many different mediums, including in-game chats using EVE-voice, EVE Mail, CSM member blogs and Twitter accounts, posting on the official forums and many more. To help you, we have started a thread on the forums listing the means to get in touch with us. Be sure to investigate those links and if anyone has any suggestions for other means to keep in touch, please feel free to suggest them in the thread.

If you are interested in what the CSM is doing, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. Many of us have already done several podcasts and interviews and we intend to keep that pace going.

First "Town Hall" May 19th, 1700 EVT
We will be having voice chats open to all players to give you a chance to ask us questions and intend to do these on a regular basis. Our plan is to have a Town Hall meeting before each summit, after the release of summit minutes, and also in-between the summits, approximately every month or two. The first meeting will be held in-game using EVE-voice with support from CCP and will be recorded for those unable to tune in. We will have more details as we get closer to the date of the meeting.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions about how to make the CSM a better advocate for the interests of the community.

Fly safe o7o7

The members of CSM 7