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Low test scores for Gallentean students

2003-10-31 - 发布者 Svarthol

The test scores for the last semester in Federal schools are in and the results are very bleak. The average is down by a whole 2 points all over the board. Education authorities are baffled by this ominous development and have launched and investigation into the matter. The terrible test outcome comes only days after reports about increase in student truancy, disciplinary problems and even delinquency have flooded in from all over the Federation. The matter has reached the highest echelons of the Federation, with President Foiritan quoted as saying he thought the whole board of directors at the Department of Education should be sacked for their total incompetence in controlling the situation. Meanwhile, parents all over are waiting anxiously for the findings of the investigative committee and hope these problems of the past few weeks are just a statistical fluke.