Map: Waypoints replace | EVE Online

Map: Waypoints replace

2003-05-30 - 发布者 Svarthol

You can now set waypoints to plot a route for the autopilot. Placing only one waypoint does the same as setting destination before. Placing extra waypoints tells the system where you want to go after that. You can choose via the Autopilot Settings in the world map, whether the autopilot stops at each waypoint ( good for planning trade runs or extra-secure routes ) or passes through them stopping only when the last waypoint is reached. Note that setting a waypoint does not clear your previous waypoints. Clear waypoints by opening the map, right-clicking somewhere where there isn't a label or star and selecting "Clear all waypoints" on the context sensitive menu. You can also select the solar system, constellation or region whose waypoint you want to remove and select "remove waypoint".

There are now less labels than before. Only selected solar system, constellation labels will show up, along with their neighbours. You can always place the mouse cursor over a star to get the label for that star. Double clicking on a star selects it. Right-clicking on a star brings you more options.