March Release Postponed | EVE Online

March Release Postponed

2016-03-07 - 发布者 CCP Falcon

Due to a potential issue that could cause characters to become stuck after ship destruction or being podkilled, we feel that it is necessary to postpone the deployment of the March release, which was scheduled to go live on Tranquility tomorrow, March 8th 2016.

The EVE Development team here at CCP are constantly working to ensure that each release is deployed with the best game performance and player experience at the forefront of our goals. Right now, we feel that due to this issue, the March release isn’t quite there yet, and as such we will push back the release by a few days in order to iron out this issue.

This shouldn’t take too long, and hopefully in the coming days we’ll be able to give you an update, and announce a new deployment date for the March release.

With this in mind, the extended daily downtime that was required for tomorrow will not be needed, and downtime will occur in the regularly scheduled 30 minute window, beginning at 11:00 UTC.