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Mercenary Corporation Denies Being Paid One Billion ISK to Attack Minmatar Militia

2010-07-24 - 发布者 Svarthol

Auga, Heimatar - According to Tribal Liberation Front corporation, Hoplite Brigade, former Mercenary Coalition corporation Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams [FRICKS] were hired to declare war on prominent Minmatar Militia corporations. Core Impulse deny the allegation.

According to duct tayp, a capsuleer of Hoplite Brigade [HPLT] and a member of the Minmatar Republic, FRICKS were paid  one billion ISK by Core Impulse [CORIM] to help in the faction warfare.

He said, "From what I understand, Core Impulse had paid Sharks With Laser Beams quite a sum to wardec a majority of the better FW corporations."

After what duct tayp describes as a "failure" by Underworld Excavators to get involved after they were beaten back in Auga, CORIM and other 24th Imperial Crusade corporations turned to FRICKS for help.

Dunn Idaho, of CORIM, said that CORIM never hired mercenaries to help them and expressed the belief that they are not needed. "My opinion in this matter is that mercenaries are not needed around here, at least not for aiding the Amarr milita as we're more than capable of dealing with anything the other militas can throw at us."

Tixxie Lix, a capsuleer in FRICKS denied that they took one billion ISK from CORIM: "I received some mails from folks saying that one of the corps thought we wardec'ed them to help out another Minmatar FW corporation."

Tixxie claimed that FRICKS simply "decided to randomly wardec juicy Minmatar FW corporations," but decided to leave the war after just three days as, according to Tixxie they only got "one or two kills."

In a final twist to the story, an anonymous source in Underworld Excavators admitted that they had been paid by a third party to attack a Minmatar corporation. When asked whether they believed FRICKS would have been paid, they only said, "Maybe."

Duct tayp remains convinced of a payment being made and has his own summary of why it went wrong: "Long story summarised: Amarr militia pays [FRICKS] one billion isk. [FRICKS] attempt but fail to destroy minmatar ships. Amarr is upset about performance of their contract. Amarr militia takes revenge by attacking the mercenaries."

Typically, unless explicitly instructed by an employer to deny being on contract at all, mercenary corporations will state they are on a contract but not by whom they were hired. Both the alleged employer, Core Impulse, and Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams, the mercenary corporation in question, deny any formal contract for attacks on the Tribal Liberation Front, though Hoplite Brigade representatives are adamant that money changed hands to retain FRICKS for the attacks.

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