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Merchants Offered Dedicated Channel

2011-07-18 - 发布者 Svarthol

Jita, The Forge – Capsuleers involved in trade have been offered a dedicated sub-system channel to discuss all matters related to New Eden’s markets.

The channel, named "SCC-Lounge", was created by Caleb Ayrania. He revealed what goes on inside the channel: “A lot of rather serious talks about New Eden’s market often go on, and we do try to offer a lot of help to upcoming merchants when they decide to try their legs in ‘the seas of maritime’ trading.”

Caleb also told of his future plans for the channel, indicating that he wants to make it an "actual physical location within New Eden", enabling "capsuleers to come and hang and talk market business".

Chevalleis, a regular visitor to the channel, described a friendly atmosphere within: “There are a lot of other traders here, and we can exchange ideas... it's useful to hear older opinions.”

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