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Minmatar Politicians and Military Cautiously Welcome New Ishukone CEO

2009-05-28 - 发布者 Svarthol

Pator – With Minmatar politicians and tribal leaders looking ahead to the upcoming tribal assembly, the news of Mens Reppola's appointment as the new CEO of Ishukone corporation was given a cautious welcome by most, including senior figures in the Minmatar military. Under the late Otro Gariushi, Ishukone was seen by Minmatar leaders as a progressive force within the Caldari State, despite a complicated, and at times murky, history of political and economic engagement between Ishukone corporation and the Minmatar Republic.

As a close colleague of Gariushi, and given his commitment to honoring the legacy of his late friend, Mens Reppola seems likely to be given a grace period by senior figures in the political and military classes, and may even be seen by some as a hopeful figure. A significant faction within the Minmatar political and military classes – increasingly overlapping as tribal power reasserts itself within the Republic – regard the formal state of war between the Minmatar Republic and the Caldari State as counter to the interests of the tribes.

"Listen, Gariushi was no paragon, and Ishukone is a Caldari megacorp when all is said and done, but place them next to Heth and the Provists, and the contrast is there," commented Commander Agdelger Ruflaner of the Brutor Tribe security forces. "I feel this man Reppola should be welcomed to his new position and given time to set his stamp on things. Then we will see if change is possible as regards the State and the Republic." An aide to Sanmatar Shakor refused to speculate on any alteration in the diplomatic situation, referring inquiries on the war to the Tribal Liberation Force command.