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Misaba research exodus in the wake of the Takamatsu incident

2005-03-18 - 发布者 Svarthol

Concerned for the security of the Misaba station as well as regarding its total research inadequacy, a detachment of local Amarr forces under the command of Lord Sorn moved what is assumed to be the rogue navy pilot to a new and more secure facility.

Yesterday evening Lord Sorn recruited pilots with nothing but the highest standing towards the Empire for a secret and high security escort mission. The pilots, from many corporations including, Imperial Star Guards, Sublime LLC, Imperial dreams, Aeternus Crusade, Auctoritan Syndicate, and PIE Inc., executed a highly skillful operation to extract the precious cargo from Misaba and protect it from many prying eyes and greedy hands.

The taskforce led by Rodj Blake encountered no resistance, but with the amount of firepower they were capable of bringing to bear on would be assailants this fact easy to appreciate.

This move, which was to be expected given the information leaking from Misaba and the stations obvious inability to cope with incidents of this order, had been accelerated after the incident of the Takamatsu employee who tried to escape with what the Amarr have deemed "sensitive material".

All of the escort pilots in the convoy were thanked personally by Lord Sorn, calling them all "a credit to the Empire and true examples of faithful servants of the Emperor". As to be expected, all further enquiries into the nature of the cargo have been flatly refused by both station and Imperial Navy officials.