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Noir. Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

2011-02-09 - 发布者 Svarthol

Mesybier, Essence - On 19.01.113, mercenary corp Noir. celebrated its 3rd anniversary. The Interstellar Correspondents caught up with Noir. CEO, Alekseyev Karrde to capture his thoughts on Noir. and their three year history.

Aleksayev Karrde explained how his own experiences lead to the creation of the corporation: "After a long period of 0.0 warfare as part of a small alliance, I needed a change. Decided to go merc. Applied to a corp then in Devine Retribution alliance and for two weeks I had a blast." That corporation however changed its agenda and chose to go into piracy. Karrde explained his reasoning for leaving the corporation: "When my corp went pirate, I formed Noir. to stay in the merc business. No one else was doing what I wanted to do, so I tried my hand at doing it myself."

Noir. is run on four key principles, Karrde explained what the first priniciple was: "A merc pilot should be paid for his services, not just a merc corp. As such we were, at the time of founding anyway, the only mercs that paid their pilots. Even now I think we probably have the most comprehensive merit based pay." The second is that of fair gain, as Karrde says they "refuse to insert capsuleers into targets or potential targets", stating clearly that they don't "infiltrate". The third prinicple reveals that they believe in constructive analysis and learning from mistakes, as Karrde said they "analyze every fight, loss and fit, to try to do it better the next time". The fourth and final principle is proffesionalism, with Karrde expressing his belief that business is about "keeping things consistent and reliable" for employers.

Karrde revealed that Noir.'s short-term goals includes continuing contracts and expanding the corporation. In the long-term, he hopes they can build "the best mercenary alliance" in New Eden without "compromising" their standards for performance and professionalism, with the overall hope they can take their place "amongst the great mercs" of New Eden's history.

A recent client of Noir., capsuleer G0RG0N, of Borderlands Corp, expressed his delight with their services: "They were contracted to come in for one night to support an op and everything went perfectly. They did precisely what they said they would do."

In a closing remark, Karrde expressed his happiness at the expansion of the corporation and his good feelings for the future: "Three years ago my long-term goal would have been to have fifty members and be happy with it. We've come a long way, so why stop now?"

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Noir. Celebrates Anniversary

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