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Odyssey Overview Live Streams, May 29 and May 30

2013-05-24 - 发布者 CCP Guard

Odyssey nears with all its cool world shaping features and we want to employ every medium at our disposal to brief you on what is coming, and to give you a good idea of how it will affect the universe which you inhabit by choice.

So in that spirit, your favorite EVE TV crew will be hosting not one but TWO live streams featuring members of the development teams who've been busy preparing your Odyssey! They will join us on set to show off their features and answer your questions live from the Twitch chat!

Your host will be your favorite Community Developer, CCP Guard (swoon I wish I could be at home watching but c´est la vie!).

CCP's live streaming presence has been growing as of late like many of you have no doubt picked up on. We did four Q&As with developers to warm up for Fanfest and we did a whole evening of broadcasting on the 5th of May to celebrate EVE's birthday where we covered live combat roams with developers along with player run events. This is all an addition to the already succesful Alliance Tournament and other events of that nature.

This will be the first time we do live streams exactly like these to get you geared and prepared for an expansion and we hope we'll see lots of you on the Twitch chat channel.

Each stream will be two hours long and as usual we'll be streaming on our Twitch.tv channel. It'll be FREE, in HD and the place to be!

  • Wednesday May 29 - 19:00 - 21:00 UTC (EVE time)
  • Thursday May 30 - 19:00 - 21:00 UTC (also EVE time lol)

Please join us to hear about Odyssey, look at Odyssey, talk about Odyssey, ask about Odyssey and last but not least...to hang out with all your favorite devs! 

See you on the internet!

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