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*Out of date*

2007-07-19 - 发布者 Svarthol

Unfortunate Casualties A logistics blunder resulted in an unfortunate friendly fire incident on July 10th, as Lieutenant Xianjo, a proud member of the Caldari Navy, was attacked by accident.

At around 01:00 EVT, Xianjo was attacked by Brotherhood of Freedom pilots. The lieutenant sent out a distress call over local communications channels, of which members of the Beets and Gravy Syndicate responded.

Unfortunately, the Lieutenant was not fast enough in defining to the response of the SOS who was friend and who was foe.

As a result, not only were the two aggressing pilots destroyed, but also the APEX Conglomerate defence force that was there for the protection of Xianjo. Unconfirmed reports state that the BEETS fleet also began to engage the Lieutenants Chimera, before members of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve arrived and gave them an ultimatum, at which point all BEETS members disengaged.

The resulting tally was no losses to BEETS, and two losses to the BoF. However, on top of these deaths were the destruction of four APEX ships and crew, as well as several bystanders, who by either lack of firepower, or by choice, did not partake in the protection of the Lieutenant.

This left many people wondering if Xianjo should have been quicker with his direction of those who responded to him – and therefore, if he was becoming slow on his logistics skills.

However, another unconfirmed report states that once the majority of the CAIN fleet had left, along with the Lieutenant, BEETS opened fire upon the remaining CAIN salvaging craft and a final APEX fleet member.

Due to the known exploits of BEETS, namely piracy, many were unsurprised by the turn of events. Indeed, when asked to comment, Dapanman1, the apparent leader of the BEETS fleet, only replied: “We are pirates after all”.