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Perkone announce profit U-turn

2005-04-19 - 发布者 Svarthol

Perkone Corporation, one of the few remaining Caldari corporations founded during the Industrial Age on Caldari Prime, announced today a dramatic increase in their sales of munitions and arms over the past few months, reversing all of their past trends of surplus materials and unsold stock.

Since the war with the Federation, Perkone has struggled, barely managing to produce their lines of "solid, high quality equipment." Could today’s revelation breathe new life into this corporation, until now just a shadow of the mighty entity they once were?

Immediately following the announcement by their CEO, Ronto Oralukka, Perkone’s shares rose by 0.4 isk, and more increases are forcast for the coming weeks. Speculations have also been made as to what effect this will have on Perkone’s main competitor, Rapid Assembly. "Will the increased sales on Perkone’s part signify the beginning of a fall in prices, potentially causing a significant drop in revenue from Rapid Assembly’s comparable products?" Is a question on the lips of many traders.