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Perkone Conducts Share Offering To Raise Capital For Expansion

2009-03-08 - 发布者 Svarthol

Anttiri - Perkone, one of the major Caldari manufacturing corporations, announced their intention to conduct a secondary share offering in an effort to raise as much as 30 billion ISK. Economic experts view this move as an indication that the Caldari economy is on the rise.

Kakanen Maloras, Perkone's CFO, said that the company intends to "aggressively pursue opportunities presented by the current economic and business conditions." He added that Perkone will use the proceeds of the capital increase to "continue improving the quality of its production facilities and take advantage of potential opportunities to expand its core business, including the funding of potential asset acquisitions and participation in joint ventures."

The offering will be priced at a 12.5% discount to the current share price. The company's existing shareholders will have the right to purchase the new shares before they are made available to the public. Hyasoda Corporation, Perkone's controlling shareholder, are expected to execute its rights in full.

Analysts link the move to the Caldari-Amarr Economic Stimulus Agreement, a recent initiative of Empress Jamyl I. "The CAESA investment package was bound to have far-reaching effects in the Caldari State due to its sheer size," said Rani Tilam, head analyst for SarumGlobal, an Amarr investment fund. "Initially, there were concerns about its usefulness, but the long-awaited increase in the confidence of State businesses demonstrates that the money was not been spent in vain."

The meetings between Perkone management and investors are expected to begin today.