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The Permaband wants YOU!

2017-02-16 - 发布者 CCP Guard

The Permaband is looking to collaborate with a few music-loving permaband fans on a new song! We´re looking for people who are willing to send us short video auditions of themselves singing a couple of lines and then to possibly work with us remotely in the weeks leading up to Fanfest 2017.

The way this works

1. You send us a mail including a link to a short video of you singing a verse or two from the  Permaband song, Killing Is Just a Means (this clip will be kept absolutely private and will only be used for evaluation for the audition). The deadline for this is short – Midnight on Sunday Feb 18 (UTC).
The E mail is – Please include your character name in the subject line.

2.  Those we pick will be contacted with further instructions shortly after the deadline.

Things to keep in mind

  • The first audition clip doesn‘t have to be a high quality production. We just need to hear your voice and see you. Phone videos are fine.
  • We won‘t take up much of your time if you get selected, but we want to keep the turnaround relatively fast so please be ready for that.
  • You must be ok with having your voice and your persona appearing in a music video that will be published online. Your real name won‘t appear anywhere.
  • You must be willing to sign a waiver allowing us to use the material we record for the new song, should you be chosen.

Thank you and may your vocal chords strike true!

-The Permaband

Photo credit to Brynjar Snær and CCP Vertex