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2010-05-01 - 发布者 Svarthol

Kourmonen, The Bleak Lands - On 112.04.26, Amarr forces claimed victory on Minmatar Militia during a battle that saw heavy use of carrier-class vessels.

Amarr militia is a common sight in Kourmonen where it usually fights pirates that venture inside Sasen constellation. Being aware of their opponent's habit, however, Minmatar militia took the opportunity prepare and ambush.

Captain Vaguy, who was commanding Minmatar's fleet, explained why he decided to take the fight to their enemies: "[we] want the strategic value of [Kourmonen] and [Kamela], those two areas are of great Value to Amarr."

Amarr forces comprised capsuleers from Core Impulse [CORIM] and Victim Support Corporation [-HELP]. They had been playing a "cat and mouse" game for a while and reportedly hit a Minmatar fleet in Lamaa: "the whole thing started... with my corp engaging a 20 [battle-cruiser] fleet... with a small [force] of 10 BS's and triage carrier for support," explained CORIM's director, Dunn Idaho.

According to Dunn Idaho, after the first engagements, Minmatar fleet supposedly recovered to Auga where they regrouped are re-shipped before heading back into action.

"I received reports of a large sized hostile fleet hanging around so I got my scouts to tell me ship types and got all of my guys into [battleships]... I also got in contact with Dunn Idaho and had him prepare carriers and more [battleships]," recalled Punkadin of Victim Support Corporation.

As soon as Minmatar capsuleers entered the Kamela system and warped to Kourmonen gate, Phunkadin sprung his trap on them: "the minnies quickly jumped in 2 carriers and one carrier from Ushra K'han... we knew they were triage fit so decided to drain their capacitor charge by focusing fire on the battleships... shortly after we turned on the capped-out carriers and destroyed them... we continued to fight the minnies on the gate and due to our great carrier support we took very few losses," he recalled.

In the end, Captain Vaguy said himself convinced his pilots fought well: "we were hunting them, we always hunt them. They had 8 carriers, but even then we still killed 37 [battleships] and lost 45."