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Podkill tragedy boosts Crielere funding chances

2003-11-24 - 发布者 Svarthol

Sparring continued yesterday outside the Federation halls of power, the subject of contention still the infamous Crielere Project and the funds President Foiritan is hoping to secure that will facilitate it's conclusion.

During a two hour mediacast the President, The Leader of the Senature and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were all given free reign to debate the issue in front of a 'live' studio audience. Chaired by the popular right-wing media host Jarveshier Melanger it was no surprise that the debate quickly descended into farce; the Senator and President both tangling through past issues in order to score cheap political points over the other. So desperate was the verbal melee that at one stage both parties were blaming the Caldari-Gallente War on the other, a war that for the benefit of our younger readers, ended nearly a century ago.

Whilst political horns are locked tight, there are signs this morning that public opinion is starting to fall behind the President in the wake of news that one of the victims of last week's Cistuvaert V shuttle collision near the CASS station was a cousin of Jon-Rah Purple (real name Marionette Gahor), the lead singer of the insanely-popular music group PodKill.

The singer's cousin Kharin Gahor, who perished in the incident along with two other Gallente students, has been named by the Presidential Advisor for Science as one of a 'handful of junior technicians who have been working on the Crielere Project since its inception'. A statement subsequently released by Gahor's family read: 'Kharin was promising scientist and a loyal Gallentean, respected and loved by his family, friends and colleagues. For two years he had been working on the Crielere Project and it would a waste of his short life if his work had been in vain.'

In light of this tragic but otherwise insignificant development support for the President has risen an average of four points across the board, whilst amongst the 12-28 age group support has rocketed by nearly eighteen points. Despite opposition charges that the President is cashing in on this tragedy to further his own agenda, it would appear going by similar swings in public mood in the past that President Foiritan may eventually get his way after all.