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Presidential Candidate Aguard Holds Political Rally for Jin-Mei

2009-10-30 - 发布者 Svarthol

Lirsautton - Celes Aguard, Governor of the Mies system and candidate in the upcoming Gallente Federation presidential election, attracted a crowd numbering in the thousands for a political rally at the planet Chakaux in the Lirsautton system yesterday. Aguard spoke at length of her Jin-Mei heritage and the promise to sponsor the development of "fringe worlds and minority communities," gaining positive reactions from those assembled.

"When frontier settlements starve under Caldari blockades, and riots and panic spreads among those who feel they are voiceless, all our leaders can say is 'toughen up,'" said Aguard in her speech. "Fear is a powerful motivator, but it has failed to quell the governmental apathy toward the minorities of the Federation."

Many of Aguard's supporters agreed with this sentiment. "I am a strong supporter for maintaining the independent cultures of groups such as the Jin-Mei, Mannar and Intaki," says Cephan Langlier, a civil rights lawyer in Lirsautton who attended the rally. "I would be ecstatic to see a president who gives more than token support to the minority cultures of the Federation."

Governor Aguard is expected to follow her tour of the Everyshore region with several rallies and debates in the Essence region next month.