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Reaction to Shakor's Elevation to Sanmatar Mixed

2008-09-15 - 发布者 Svarthol

Illuin, Metropolis - The public remarks of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor have caused discussions throughout Minmatar space. While most citizens feel that Shakor's reforms are just the thing to shake the Republic out of its state of lethargy, the man is not without his detractors. Sebiestor representative Malius Udine went so far as to label Shakor's efforts at reform a "naked power-grab."

For the most part, Shakor's stated goals have been well-received by the Republic's political elite. Speaking on the topic of Shakor's proposed increases in tribal autonomy, Krusual representative Illyia Gulin stated, "This can only benefit the Minmatar people in the long run. The tribe is the natural Minmatar social and political unit, and it's good to see Sanmatar Shakor willing to embrace these traditions."

Others see this return to tribal ways as troubling. Vherokior Member of Parliament Jammyn Undovold explained; "Since freeing ourselves from the yoke of slavery, our people have been playing catch-up. Only now are we finally beginning to move beyond primitive tribalism and enter the modern age with a modern system of government. At a stroke, Shakor wants to throw everything we've accomplished away and sink us back into petty factionalism." Undovold continued, adding, "How will other nations be able to take us seriously if our governance regresses to this kind of primitive clap-trap?"

But many influential Minmatar see arguments like Undovold's as missing the point. Sebiestor parliamentarian Emmen Aedlad said, "We Minmatar are a unique people. We can no more find our way forward with a system of governance modeled on another nation's than we can with rudimentary tribalism. What we need is our own, unique form of government that blends the old and the new, the modern and the traditional. And right now I think that Sanmatar Shakor is the man to lead us in that direction.