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Rebellion Alliance Collapses at Hands of Founder

2011-02-23 - 发布者 Svarthol

O2O, 2X - It has emerged that Rebellion Alliance [-R-] was dissolved last week by the hands of its leader due to suspected embezzlement by many of its high ranking members.

The founder of -R-, Daroh, alleges that those within the leadership of -R- used the alliance to capture space, simply so that resources could be mined from the alliance’s moons. Instead of reinvesting the profits from those moons, he claims that those involved then tampered with the funds from the sale of the materials that were mined, effectively using -R- as a tool to earn ISK for themselves.

Daroh promptly responded by dissolving the alliance. A leaked open letter, attributed to Daroh, states: "Hope you will understand what I did. I know that simple analysis of events loudly shouts to your mind that I'm a traitor, but try to get my point of view."

Daroh could neither be reached for comment nor for verification of his statement.

Massive fleet fights are still occurring over many of the resource-rich moons that were left behind by the disbanding of Rebellion Alliance. However, many of the member corporations have stayed intact and have moved to neighboring alliances.

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