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Secretary arrested over espionage allegations

2008-05-27 - 发布者 Svarthol

Imber Raskullinen, former employee of Urban Management, has been arrested and charged with espionage.

Raskullinen had been working on a project that assisted vulnerable persons in the Republic. Although exact details of her crimes have been kept secret from the public, it is believed she processed housing applications for homeless citizens. Working from their Headquarters on Abudban X - Moon 10, she was responsible for keeping the database complete on displaced citizens; many of whom were former slaves or refugees.

“It’s the lowest of the low. I’m disgusted that a fellow Matari who was working on such a sensitive project could allow herself to be subjugated by a hostile intelligence agency,” remarked Hattu Kinrad, a former colleague. “I’m prevented by law from giving out specific information, but it seems she was informing the Amarrians about passenger ship movements. It doesn’t take the brains of a Luminaire Divorce Lawyer to work out what the Amarrians could do with that kind of data.”

Urban Management refused to disclose any more details. “It’s true that a former employee is now in custody awaiting trial on charges of espionage. Beyond that, I cannot give you any more information. The investigation is ongoing and we have a duty to safeguard the operatives who are still working on this, and related cases.”