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'Ships Of Eve' Lottery Ends With Successful Disbursement of Prizes

2009-07-15 - 发布者 Svarthol

Jita, The Forge - This past Sunday, the 'Ships of Eve' lottery was successfully held and a jackpot evaluated at 30 billions ISK was disbursed to the winners.

Numerous capsuleers were present at the lottery's live broadcast awaiting the draw that would select the winners of this notably large jackpot. As a side-event, a trivia quiz was organized by the lottery's hosts and several pilots won rare vessels including a Tech3 hull.

At 18.20, the drawing's results were announced. Hell0 Kittys won the first prize ticket, amounting to 213 valuable ships, several Tech3 hulls and 80 Tech3 subsystems. "I can't believe I won... No more ratting and mining for awhile," she commented soon after.

The second prize winner, Sunstar Omega, received a Loki class T3 hull plus subsystems.

The third place winner, Mining Maxx, received a Chimera, a Bhaalgorn, a Phantasm and a Succubus.

Fourth and fifth place prizes were awarded to Labslots and Mr Bright, both winning several ships of some value.

During the trivia quiz preceeding the jackpot draw, a Tech3 hull was awarded to capsuleer Fireglade: "My heart started pumping... then my name came up and I bursted out."

After the draw, a very excited T'Amber said "I am definately doing another one, and it will have more ships, more prizes and more Drama!!"

She explained she already own a rare ship to include as prize, and is planning not to cap ticket numbers: "the more tickets, the more prizes and prize level," she said.

To wrap up the once in a lifetime win, Hell0 Kittys finally said: "[New Eden] is full of scams... but sometimes that shot in a million pays off!!!".

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