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Shiva Feature Pages

2004-06-03 - 发布者 CCP Oveur

Since many of you wanted early release of the Shiva Feature Pages, we decided to finish up the pages that were closest to completion.

Just keep in mind when you read them, they are all subject to change depending on revised designs and playtestings, some things might even be delayed beyond Shiva to be able to deliver the most important features on time.

We will be adding new sections, screenshots, concept art and design schematics when we feel they are close to our desired goals for the individual features.

Comments are of course most welcome, none of the designs or implementations are in their final version, your comments and playtesting will affect the most how it will appear on Tranquility.

So, head over to the Features section and read about Shiva, hope you enjoy. :)

(BTW, there is a special Channel on the forum for Shiva Design and Feedback)