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Slave riots in Taru

2005-04-24 - 发布者 Svarthol

Last night a riot is rumoured to have occurred in a slave holding facility somewhere within the Taru system. It’s believed the facility where the alleged riot occured is owned by Korramasha Mawhi, a small time slave trader with no record of illegal activities. Solid evidence has been hard to come by, but four ships in Korramasha’s possession, including two Zealots and two Sacrileges were seen being piloted by four Matari personel heading towards Minmatar space.

These ships were intercepted and destroyed by two Amarr pilots believed to be employed by Mawhi. When asked why Concord didn't intervene, the Amarr Navy said that it was a purely civil matter which put it under the Navys duristiction, and not Concords. They declined to comment on any further details of the incident.