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Something is rotting in Jita

2005-08-19 - 发布者 Svarthol

A week has passed since the Takamatsu Trading Exchange began collecting garbage from the systems neighboring Jita, Sobaseki, and Kisogo. What began as a simple job to haul the garbage of the Caldari navy has turned into something larger, as anyone can tell if they dock at the Caldari navy Assembly Plant orbiting Jita IV.

"This is absolutely awful," complained one officer. "When you come into a station that's owned by the Navy, you expect crisp, clean service."

The officer was referring to the rotting, moldering piles of refuse that litter the hanger deck of the station. As our holo crew watched, a Badger mark II slowly drifted into the station, unloading garbage at an appalling rate. Half-frozen biomass, frost-tipped crops, and slowly melting neurocircuitry slopped through the gates to land on the hanger floor.

"I'm just a hauler, and I don't know nuthin," the pilot replied when questioned, "I just deliver the stuff. It pays the bills, and lets the kids get out once in a while."

Colonel Mitchkick, one of the supervisors for the station, was understandably confused when we brought the situation to his attention. "Are you kidding me?" he roared, throwing on his coat. "I'll murder those traders. They were supposed to haul it out of here, not bring more in!" As the Colonel entered the hager bay, we were treated to a rare sight. Colonel mitchkick was literally struck dumb by the sheer amount of garbage in the station.

"Do you realize how much they brought in here?" he exclaimed. "We ordered them to haul 150,000 cubic meters out. Now, it looks like they have 450,000 cubic meters sitting here! This is insane!"

There has as yet been no word of how they plan to move the excess waste.